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Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics

Cosmetic Surgery Overland Park
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Sono Bello is a national leader in total body transformation. We specialize in advanced micro-laser body contouring and facial cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. Collectively having performed over 65,000 procedures in over 30 nationwide Sono Bello locations, our team of over 75 board certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons possess extensive experience in cosmetic procedures for all body types, faces and ages - for both women and men. We believe this experience and specialization sets us in a category all to our own, and enables us to deliver amazing and truly customized, natural-looking results.

Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics can be found at 10787 Nall Ave . The following is offered: Cosmetic Surgery . In Overland Park there are 6 other Cosmetic Surgery. An overview can be found here.


58 Reviews , in average 5 Stars
  • Jana T.
    wrote on

    (5) Awesome experience and great staff

    Awesome experience and great staff. Will definitely use Sono Bello KC for future procedures. Fantastic results. Healing fast and looking and feeling much better! TY Sono Bello KC team. You rock!

  • Bekah J
    wrote on

    (5) I am just amazed at the results!!

    I am literally the last person on earth who most people would expect to do this procedure. But one day, something snapped. I was tired of feeling like the biggest person in the room everywhere I went. I was tired of looking at pictures and cringing at how large I had become. And every year, it got worse. So, I decided to do something about it. I went online, found Sonobello, and the testimonials were a page out of my own playbook. I could have written them myself. So I called, made an appointment, and the next thing you know, the procedures are done. I feel amazing!! It has already been life-changing, and it's only been a few weeks. I have my body back from younger days! I love how I look!! My husband loves how I look! :) I like to clothes shop again! I'm so motivated to eat healthier, to walk, to drink water, and to just keep improving on my new body! I will never, ever go back, and Sonobello has been the huge kick start to help make this new change happen. I would highly recommend Dr. Hendrix. He was quick, competent, professional, and thorough. He explained everything and talked me through each step. He's a seasoned veteran in this field, so I felt completely at ease with his expertise. I am just amazed at the results!! I have my confidence back! The only regret I have is that I didn't do it years earlier. I'm so thankful for Sonobello, the amazing, positive staff, and the incredible results.

  • Amanda N.
    wrote on

    (5) LOVE my Sono Bello.

    I LOVE my Sono Bello results!

  • Mary Federico
    wrote on

    (5) You won't find a more caring and qualified staff!

    I first heard of Sonobello from a television ad. I looked them up on the Internet and filled out their form asking for more information. I was nervous to say the least! From the first contact, the staff have been incredibly nice!! They are very patient, knowledgeable, and-- respectful. Discussing what I don't really like about my body out loud isn't something I had ever done! Haley is the patient care coordinator. When I met with her my nerves soon calmed... She is very intelligent and listened well to what I was concerned about. She did a simple assessment and discussed what she felt they could do for me. She was honest and there were no high pressure sales! We discussed everything I could think of- who the doctor was, the process itself, and costs.. Haley was very thorough! Once I felt confident.. I agreed to multiple procedures. Financing was set up. I emailed Haley a couple times before my next appt and she was quick to respond with the information I needed. At my next appt, I met Dawn and Julie, the nurses that would be helping with my procedures. They are great! Very reassuring and pleasant! Then I met Dr Hendrix.. He is EXTREMELY experienced and board certified!! There was no reason to be nervous any longer. He did an assessment of the areas I was interested in having changed. We discussed what he thought he could do for me.. and he answered all my questions. Once confident, we set up the surgeries. My surgery went smoothly. The staff makes sure you are well prepared before you get there that day! No surprises! I knew what to expect before, during and after. It is now 6 days after my surgery. Yes I am sore, no I did not miss work and I am well aware of what I need to do to help get the results I am hoping for! During this last week I have heard from Dr Hendrix, Haley, and the staff- all checking to make sure I am 'ok'.. If you are considering body contouring for yourself-- CALL SONOBELLO OF OVERLAND PARK! In my honest opinion.. You won't find a more caring and qualified staff!

  • Twilia G
    wrote on

    (5) It was worth the money everyone was great

    It was worth the money everyone was great and friendly, it was painless and if my budget permits I may do another area.

  • Gerri Lynn Woodward
    wrote on

    (5) Absolutely fabulous

    Absolutely fabulous from the time I checked in to my 1st followup. It was Great. Very pleased with Entire Staff and Dr Hendrix!! Great bunch...

  • Chrisie S
    wrote on

    (5) They really have a great team

    I have been unhappy with my body for years now. After having 2 kids and a hysterectomy, I could not get rid of my "spare tire" or my "fanny pack" no matter how much weight I lost and countless hours I spent in the gym. I have always wanted liposuction and a tummy tuck but could not afford it and honestly was scared after watching shows or reading about the horror stories people have been through after having liposuction done. One day I was online and seen a ad for Sonobello so I clicked on the website and started reading. It has been a little over 2 weeks since my procedure and I couldn't be happier with my results. The procedure went great!! I was awake the entire time and had little to no discomfort. I went home and rested for a day or two and was back on my feet doing my normal routine in less than a week. The staff here in Overland Park are amazing and so nice. From the first call I received to schedule my consultation to the emails I receive just the other day, giving me information on what to expect at my 2 week mark. They really have a great team that makes you feel like family and show you they care. Thank you Dr. Kreegel and the rest of the team at Sonobello in Overland Park for making me happy with myself again!!!

  • Celeste L
    wrote on

    (5) Amazing, so excited and pleased!

    Amazing, so excited and pleased! One month post op now and I've lost 2 paint sizes and 7 3/4 overall. This is the absolute best thing I could have ever done for myself. The staff from start to finish has been OUTSTANDING!!! So, what are you waiting for?

  • C L
    wrote on

    (5) The staff was friendly and helpful.

    The staff was friendly and helpful. I was able by the third day to go back to work with minimal soreness.

  • Amir K.
    wrote on

    (5) Best of luck.

    The ladies at the KC clinic do a great job all around. Best of luck.

  • David M
    wrote on

    (5) Take the plunge!

    My experience with the Overland Park Sono Bello could not have been any better. I have to admit, as a male considering body sculpting and lipo I was hesitant, nervous and self conscious. From the beginning the staff was friendly and helpful. Sensing my fears they gave me a level of service tailored to helping me feel comfortable and making an informed decision. After making the decision to move forward they continued to be top notch from walking through pre and post care as well as financing options. I had a great surgical nurse and surgeon! Not only did I have a great experience in the OR, Dr Kreegel called me two days after personally to check in and to go over my recovery. Just when I thought it couldn't go any better we had a snag with my compression garment and rather than have me wait for me to return the one I had and then get the new one, they footed the bill to get me set up. If you've made the decision, congrats! You will be very pleased with the results! I had lost 3" within the first 5 days and this was still swollen. If you're on the fence, take the plunge! I did and I don't regret it for a second. I'm excited for my 3 month follow up to see how far the transformation has come.

  • Doris L
    wrote on

    (5) Wonderful experience from start to finish!

    Wonderful experience from start to finish!

  • Angela C
    wrote on

    (5) Great experience

    It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants it done.

  • Kristy R.
    wrote on

    (5) I plan on looking amazing this summer!

    Words have no place for the results I received from Dr. Kreegel at your KC location. It has been a month and I am down 14 pounds and 4 sizes. I am amazed and oh so very happy with my progress. The staff in KC are uplifting and caring from the first moment you walk into the doors at Sono Bello. The procedure was much less dramatic than what I expected, but I was well taken care of too. There was some discomfort at first, but soon enough the cocktail that is used under the skin nearly eliminates all sensation. The procedure was over before I knew it. Do yourself a favor and go do this! I plan on looking amazing this summer!

  • Marsha S.
    wrote on

    (5) I would recommend to anyone.

    I would recommend to anyone. Thank you to doctor and staff!

  • Sheryl L
    wrote on

    (5) I love my results!

    I loved everyone who helped me but l really liked having the nurse practioner be my right arm for my complete facelift. My experience with Sean Ryan was that I had an engaged friend being the ship master and I appreciate that. From the time I met him till the final visit he was my guide. And the great thing, he was always excited for my new look every step of the process! Even when I had a question regarding my eye post surgery, and he was moving that day, he said, "I can see you right now at the office if you like." I met him at the office, he looked at my eye and said everything was just fine. He was a refreshing, concerned companion for me! That was a wonderful experience and I will tell everyone about the great care waiting for them if they choose to go through facial surgery! I love my results! Thank you everyone! It was easy Peary and truthfully no pain! The only yucky thing was the one pain pill I took without the phenagren. Sean is perrrr-fact for Sono Bello. I am telling everyone about the wonderful care they will receive if they choose to have work done at Sono Bello!

  • Connie B.
    wrote on

    (5) Very pleased with my results and with the care that I received

    I am very pleased with my results and with the care that I received at Sono Bello. The first five days after the procedure were difficult, but not that painful, more a feeling of tightness and boredom.. I started feeling better after that, and have continued to improve each day. I really appreciate the care and kindness I've received from the staff at Sono Bello. Sean is wonderful! He's helped me be ready for the surgery and with my post care, but has also helped me feel more confident with myself.

  • Susan H.
    wrote on

    (5) I am loving my results!

    I am loving my results! At first I was so swollen but still could see change. With every few days I'm getting smaller. It's only been a week and a half but I can already wear clothes I couldn't before. It is more painful than they said, but not terrible. The first garment is a pain and I couldn't fasten it by myself. When they say you need someone with you that first 24 hours, they mean it. At least I needed pain meds through the first night. The pain was terrible the first night but never that painful again. If you need to do extra house cleaning or anything where you have to bend a lot, do it before. The doctor and staff were wonderful! I'm giving 5 stars because of the results and the staff. Oh! And full results aren't for a year they said but they also said after 3 months it will seem awesome! I believe them with what I'm seeing. I do wish I had known that though.

  • Sheryl L.
    wrote on

    (5) An incredible change!

    Oh my God! An incredible change! I went in to just have upper and lower eyes helped and Dr told me a better approach for correcting lower eye bags and eye lid lift! He was honest with the best approach and now I am so happy I followed his advice for my BEST look! A brow lift, eye lid lift, face lift! And laser to enhance my neck and face! I''m soooo pleased, thrilled with the results! I'm back to work 8 days after surgery. Such scant, minimal bruising for all this work! By the way, I'm a 61 year old esthetician!

  • Valerie H.
    wrote on

    (5) The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

    The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Any questions were answered in a timely manner including the physician who performed the procedure. At each stage, I received an e-mail advising what to expect. I would recommend Sono Bello for anyone who wants body contouring at it's best.

  • JH
    wrote on

    (5) My experience here at the KC office has been amazing!!

    My experience here at the KC office has been amazing!! The results I have seen so far have been wonderful. In the first week I ad lost 10" off my waist. In only 1month I have lost 10lbs only 3 of that was at my 1week checkup. I am so excited about my results that I have scheduled my second procedure for thighs and hips. I can't wait to see more results in the months to come. The ladies in the office are wonderful.

  • Peggy H.
    wrote on

    (5) Plenty of support available for me to access if needed

    The surgeon and staff were all very professional. They discussed and addressed personal medical conditions with me, They worked with me to help limit risk and allow me to move forward with the procedure. During the procedure they monitored my condition and kept me informed of their progress. I felt confident and comfortable. Post operative care was great. No pain, minimal discomfort. Plenty of support available for me to access if needed.

  • Andi J
    wrote on

    (5) I look great now

    Well One, I look great now.. So happy I spent the money and time to do it. Everyone was so nice and supportive..

  • Brenda D.
    wrote on

    (5) The staff here is amazing!

    The staff here is amazing! The expectations they set were spot on and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I mean someone rubbed my feet after my procedure, you can't get better than that! Seriously this has changed my life. It sounds silly to some but after living with this insecurity and then being able to remove it has made me feel like a new person. I never thought I would go through with anything like this and everyone at Sono Bello has made this experience better than I had ever imagined. I feel like I have made some new friends through this adventure. Sean and Brook and everyone else involved you rock!!

  • Celeste L
    wrote on

    (5) The financing was simple and very affordable!

    What a great experience. I'm 2 weeks post surgery and in even though I still have swelling, I've lost inches. The procedure was almost completely painless, and after surgery I only took an over the counter pain reliever. I had my upper, and lower abdomen and waist done. I received a call from my surgeon the evening of the surgery to check on me. I would encourage anyone to call Sono Bello and go in for your consultation. The financing was simple and very affordable!

  • Paula K.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank u Sonobello!!

    I was really nervous on day of surgery but the overland park staff made me very comfortable!! I'm still healing only been almost 3 weeks but I'm ready to get my next procedure done!! A++ Thank u Sonobello!!

  • Cathy S
    wrote on

    (5) Sono Bello feels like family.

    Being able to return to work as a pre-school teacher, was important to me. So two days after my waist/hips procedure and abdomen procedure I was able to work and my regular pace. A month has passed and I am down two dress and pant sizes. I am super pleased with the staff for they truly care about me in ways that I didn't expect. Sono Bello feels like family.

  • Cynthia D
    wrote on

    (5) Thank You All!

    Ever since my first consultation all of the staff has been very friendly. My experience with them was one of a kind, I was nervous about my procedure but they made me feel comfortable and at peace with the process and front the 1st consultation to my 1 week post op appointment I have met wonderful people who really have the interest in making you look your best! Thank You All!

  • Wendy W.
    wrote on

    (5) I love this caring team!

    It was a really scary decision to have a brow lift. I was worried I wouldn't look like myself after. However, the staff at Sono Bello were very reassuring and supportive. I waited to write this review until a couple of weeks after surgery so I could confidently say that I am so pleased with the results. My son told me he didn't realize how much the lines made me look angry and worried before - not at all like I truly am. He says he really likes it! I look great! Still me with a couple of barely there lines where there was once a deep set 11. Thank you so much to Dr. Colyer. Brooke, Shawn and all the staff at Sono Bello in KC! I love this caring team!

  • Renata W.
    wrote on

    (5) I am so pleased with Sono bello!

    The experience I've had was pleasant! From the receptionist to the Doctor I had an excellent treatment and the procedure was great without a pain and the healing process very good too. I am so pleased with Sono bello!

  • Peggy H
    wrote on

    (5) They made a difference in my life

    Professional, personal treatment. Quality care before the procedure and through the months following. They made a difference in my life. Many thanks.

  • Patty P.
    wrote on

    (5) The staff at the Kansas City facility are the greatest

    The staff at the Kansas City facility are the greatest. They are so friendly and helpful. They make you feel special and your procedure is very relaxing and stress free. I'm very pleased and could see the results immediately. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to make a change in their body and I would go back to them for other procedures.

  • Tamara D
    wrote on

    (5) This was my 2nd time and it was great!

    This was my 2nd time and it was great! Dr Gellis was awesome!!!

  • Angela S
    wrote on

    (5) A fantastic experience from start to finish!

    A fantastic experience from start to finish! Very caring and experienced staff, and the procedure itself was quite comfortable. Dr. Gellis did an amazing job, and I was back to work the next day. A week later the bruising is almost gone and even with the swelling I already lost 1.5 inches off my waist. Thanks, Sono Bello, for a pleasant experience all around!

  • Kim L.
    wrote on

    (5) Can't thank you enough!!!

    Most definitely!! My nurse Nicole was outstanding! Dr. Hendricks is a fantastic Dr. I wasn't one of those instant surgery wonders. First surgery was Jan 15, after month 3, I noticed I was healing unevenly. I spoke to Dr, Hendricks, he was confident it could be fixed. So I did do overs this Jan 16, I could FEEL Dr Hendricks giving it his ALL during surgery to make it right for me. I knew this time it was going to be right!!! Just came from post surgery apt & I feel amazing! I'm in that HOT DAMN!!! LOOK AT ME GO mood now!!! Looking so forward to FINALLY being comfortable in my own skin!!! Thank you Sonobello!!! The entire staff took away my fear & truly understood how much it meant to get the results I was wishing sooo hard for! Can't thank you enough!!!

  • Brenda D.
    wrote on

    (5) That's how they have made me feel :)

    For years I have struggled with one particular area of my body and I just wanted to do this for me. Sono bello made me feel comfortable the entire way through from scheduling appointments around my crazy job and my two hour drive the office they made it work for me. Every single team member that I came in contact with was/is extremely nice and happy for me and what I'm doing for myself. It's not like a regular doctors office. Sono bello is happy and upbeat because they are making their clients happy with whatever procedures they are wanting to do for themselves. It's definitely a comfortable atmosphere. At first I thought my friends and family would think I was crazy for doing this. But since I've told them and told them how great Sono Bello has been they couldn't be happier for me. I highly recommend Sono Bello to anyone that wants to do something that will make them feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. That's how they have made me feel :)

  • Joann G
    wrote on

    (5) Very friendly

    Very friendly everyone on staff i was scared at first but when u get there its different the staff makes the difference in how you feel i also have "OCD" this place is immaculate clean i coudnt find one thing to complain about i had stomach n sides done i went back to work in 3days you are sore but the more u move around the faster you heal by the 5th day i felt my best i give this place an AA++i would tell all my friends about this place my friend will be getting hers done in couple of months

  • Sandra Zapata
    wrote on

    (5) Gracias SonoBello!

    Mi experiencia fue espectacular, las personas del frente, las enfermeras , las secretarias y los doctores, muy amables, yo hoy tengo la mejor referencia para este lugar , mi cirugía fue una liposucción , y mi hermana y mis amigas están considerando altamente realizarse este procedimiento también al ver que a unas pocas horas yo estoy caminando como si nada hubiese pasado, lógico adolorida pero algo normal. Gracias SonoBello!

  • Rhonda J.
    wrote on

    (5) You will not be disappointed .

    If I could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about doing this, it would be, don't listen to the horror stories! I was skeptical in the beginning until I convinced myself to just do it. I will admit, I am so happy that I went with my gut. From the consultation to the last follow up visit, everything was more than I expected. I absolutely admire the staff. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my new look. I would tell anyone that might be interested, to just do it! You will not be disappointed .

  • Kelli G
    wrote on

    (5) All of the staff was friendly

    It was a very comfortable environment and rewarding experience! All of the staff was friendly and I never felt pressured into anything!

  • Tequilla A
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Sono Bello team!!!

    I had an amazing experience at Sono Bello. I can see significant changes in my new body. I am excited to get to my full results. The staff was helpful , friendly, and caring. I highly recommend Sono Bello to anyone who is looking to improve their lives. Thank you Sono Bello team!!!

  • Natalie H
    wrote on

    (5) Everyone in the office is very friendly

    Everyone in the office is very friendly and the office itself is clean and orderly. I felt very comfortable with everyone there and the results are amazing already.

  • Deborah B
    wrote on

    (5) I would recommend this procedure to anyone.

    I would recommend this procedure to anyone. I have wanted a tummy tuck for years & never had the time to do it. This is the way to go. I am only a week through the process.Can't wait for the final result.

  • Sai Pie
    wrote on

    (5) So far my experience with Sono Bello has been really good.

    So far my experience with Sono Bello has been really good. I searched for several months on and off for a good place to do my procedure and I even had couple of consultations, but I am so happy that I chose this place. The staff are all very nice and friendly. It is easy to get appointments, specially since they are open on Saturdays. Although I wish, either I had questioned more about post recovery expectations or was better informed about it in my initial consultation, I have to say the staff have no problem answering any of my questions either by phone or over email. My surgeon was DR. Kreegel and I have to say I am very pleased and happy with him as a person and as a surgeon with his work. We talked and had conversation through entire procedure, which made the experience much easier and more fun. I am about 10 days post my surgery and so far the results looks good, but I think it's a little too early to judge the final results as it will take at least 6 months to see the true results. Overall, I really recommend Sono Bello in overland park, but I also recommend to ask questions about recovery phase and time related to the type of procedure you want to do. Knowing those information will help you make a better decision.

  • Lekisha M
    wrote on

    (5) So far I am extremely happy with my results and Sonobello.

    I originally went into the Sonobello in Kansas City Overland Park in May for a consult. Due the nature of my job I wasn't able to get it done at the time. I went back in February and was able to get on the schedule immediately. I arrived to my pre op appointment Feb 23rd and my surgery Feb 24th. Upon leaving I saw noticeable results! The staff was very helpful and showed genuine concern through the entire process. My doctor was Dr. Kreegeel and he was absolutely amazing! He called to check on me this morning which made me feel even better about choosing Sonobello. As of today I am a little sore but nothing major. I stopped taking the prescribed medications and switched to extra strength Tylenol. I haven't had any nausea and the bleeding has subsided except in one location. So far I am extremely happy with my results and Sonobello. I will post pics later about to get up and move around a little bit!

  • Sheila M
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you All!

    My experience at the Kansas City site was amazing. The staff were remarkable. They were cariing, compassionate and professional. The facility was clean and comfortable. I am still in the process of healing and the staff from the receptionists to the physician have been there for me throughout the process. Thank you All!

  • Nakishia B.
    wrote on

    (5) No pain and I look and feel great!

    Kansas City Sono Bello is WONDERFUL!!!!! One of the best decisions of my life to have the procedure. No pain and I look and feel great! Everyone in this office is amazing!!! :)

  • Michele H.
    wrote on

    (5) I'm extremely pleased with the results.

    From the staff that greets you to the nurses and the doctor, everyone made you feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Parks was very kind and thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my questions to my utmost satisfaction. I felt informed and ready for my procedure. And only after 1 week, I'm extremely pleased with the results.

  • Charyl R.
    wrote on

    (5) My experiences with Sonobello was exceptional

    My experiences with Sonobello was exceptional. Staff went over and above what I expected. They were available whenever I needed a question answered. When a situation occurred there was always someone with the expertise to make me comfortable. Staff was professional yet friendly. I woul recommend Sonobollo.

  • Rachelle S.
    wrote on

    (5) I only wish I had done it sooner!

    I experienced 5 Star treatment from my consultation all the way through the procedure and post op care. All stages have exceeded my expectations. I only wish I had done it sooner!

  • Amanda L
    wrote on

    (5) I am extremely pleased with my results

    The Kansas City staff are so friendly and helpful! They were very involved in my care and wanted to make sure I had the best experience possible. I am extremely pleased with my results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sono Bello in Kansas City to all of my friends and family.

  • Melissa E.
    wrote on

    (5) Everyone at SonoBello is polite and knowledgeable

    I'm so glad I didn't put this off any longer! At only 4 weeks post opp I can already see my transformation in progress, I'm excited to see my results over the next few weeks and months. If liposuction is something you've been curious about I highly recommend having the free consultation. Everyone at SonoBello is polite and knowledgeable so they're able to help set realistic expectations. I could not be happier with my results!!

  • Lisa M.
    wrote on

    (5) Friendly atmosphere!!!

    Best customer service and friendly atmosphere!!!

  • Gwen D
    wrote on

    (5) Unbelievable!

    Unbelievable! Can't wait til my next transformation.

  • Amanda B.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Sono Bello - I feel beautiful!

    I walked into the doors of Sono Bello extremely nervous the first time. The staff were so friendly and they honestly cared about what I was hoping to achieve. The facility was extremely clean and well-maintained. I left my first appointment comfortable and confident that I made the right decision when I selected them for their service. Sono Bello has changed the way I feel about myself and they way I look at cosmetic procedures. Thank you Sono Bello - I feel beautiful!

  • K.C.
    wrote on

    (5) Absolutely!

    Absolutely!! Mine wasn't fantastic the 1st go round. Unfortunately, the person who did my consultation was nice but didn't put me in right category for the right amount of fat to lose. Noticed it 2 &1/2 months later when I started to heal unevenly. Talked to Dr. He did a test on me, after he saw it wasn't fluid, he told me he definitely could fix the problem. During my "do over" I could feel Dr. Hendricks working his best to correct the issue. It was instant!! After the 3rd day, you could see that after swelling went down, I'd be in that " HOT DAMN, LOOK AT ME GO" category!!! Where I have been wanting to be. I am thankful to nurse Nicole, very caring & understanding. Made my experience one I will be proud to show off come summer!!! Thank you Dr. Hendricks for being dedicated to the success of your patience!!!

  • Michelle H.
    wrote on

    (5) The staff was amazing.

    I have wanted to do this for a long time. I finally decided to stop complaining about how I look and just do it. I'm very glad I did. The staff was amazing. They make you feel so special.

  • Tami C.
    wrote on

    (5) Love Love the nurses

    The staff is so great, Love Love the nurses. My experience was amazing and just what I wanted. I would and do tell everyone about Sono Bello.

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Images Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics
Images Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics
Images Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics

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